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The Best Freight Transport for Your Buck

What makes us the masters of time management?

Kibibi holds a communication degree from Old Dominion University, where she honed her ability to share information effectively, prioritize tight deadlines and manage a series of steps smoothly. With her leadership skills and Derrick's technical and financial  knowledge, they've become any freight transport client's "dream team." 

Trifecta has made first-rate service a cornerstone of the company's success. All clients receive conscientious, one-on-one, timely service in all capacities—from transactions to conflict resolution.


Family Owned, Customer Focused

​​Trifecta Logistics is operated by partners Derrick and Kibibi (and a little help from their young sons!). When the nation began grappling with a supply-chain shortage, they realized it was a need they could help address. Derrick left his job as an electrician with Newport News Shipbuilding, and Kibibi as a middle school teacher (with a communication degree). They decided to launch a freight transport business that was heavily based on research—problems faced by freight forwarders and freight brokerages, gaps in the industry, and opportunities to provide real solutions. They invested in their first truck, education on the industry, and themselves.... and have achieved success!

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