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A family-owned trucking company with exceptional freight transportation arrangement

At Trifecta Logistics, we understand the precise needs of freight forwarders and freight brokerages that focus on container procurement. Are you frustrated with the disjointed operation at many commercial carriers? It's time to try a smaller carrier with professionalism and superior communication every step of the way. You'll see why more businesses are turning to Trifecta for reliable, affordable freight transport services.

On-Time Delivery


As you battle a regulatory system with mounting taxes on inventory and warehouse space, timing is critical—we don't want you stuck with supplies on hand too soon or too long. Trifecta Logistics is uniquely set up to meet your on-demand needs and move the goods exactly where—and when—you require them. While shipping is usually the place where businesses have the least control, we're giving the power back to you.

Safe & Secure Transportation


No one wants to get the call that a delivery was lost due to an accident or theft. We take every precaution to ensure skilled driving, maneuverability in adverse weather, secure overnight parking, and most of all, frequent communication. We're here to reduce your anxiety and put the "good" back in delivering your goods.

Reasonable Rates


We offer the best value for your dollar. While many businesses try to save a buck by choosing the cheapest trucker, that can backfire  when the rig breaks down because the budget trucker wasn't spending on maintenance, or the trucker suddenly drops you for a higher-paying gig. Trifecta's pricing is carefully calculated at a fair rate to access a responsible trucker with a reliable rig and a great reputation.

  • responsible truckers

  • reliable rigs

  • respect for timing

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